Atkinson Resort & Country Club Wedding || Nicole & Mike

Nicole and Michael were matched on a dating app about two years ago. When it came time to meet for their first date, some unusual circumstances that they encountered had them both run a bit late for their date! Luckily no one was running behind on the wedding day! Despite their late start, they met and talked all night at a local restaurant in Lowell, MA and closed the place down! Even after the eatery closed, they walked around town to avoid saying goodbye. Nicole and Michael chose the Atkinson Resort and Country Club in Atkinson, NH to host their wedding January 20, 2020. What a beautiful venue! They made use of their Tuscany room for both the ceremony and reception. It was warm and inviting for their 50 or so friends and family. And thank goodness for that warm feel because it was freezing that evening! It was a blustery 12 degrees but despite the frigid temperature our couple was brave and committed to getting some important photos in the resort’s beautiful pavilion! Don’t worry- warm smiles were all around and we got those special shots outside for the happy couple! Our couple is a fun loving and truly original couple. They even decided to do something we’d never seen before. Instead of going the traditional route of the bride taking the groom’s last name, our couple chose a new last name to go by from that day forward! So they are now Mr. and Mrs. Wolf! We have nicknamed them the Wolf Pack! Spending those few hours with the new Mr. & Mrs. Wolf, you can see how that first date night flew by for them. They described themselves to us as a fun loving couple and that’s all we saw. They were always smiling at each other, always making each other laugh. The night truly

flew by. We had so many opportunities for a variety of shots because they were laughing, dancing, visiting with friends, enjoying their food, and simply just enjoying each other. The future looks bright for the new Mr. and Mrs. Wolf. We hope they and the rest of the Wolf Pack (Nicole has a very handsome son, Perrin) have a very happy life together!

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