The Marginal Way Surprise Proposal in Ogunquit, ME || Ellen & Eric

August 31, 2019

With its ocean views, cozy benches and nearby downtown Ogunquit, it’s no wonder why Eric chose this spot to pop the question to Ellen.

The plan was set; Eric and Ellen would go for a nice beach walk an hour before sunset (Golden Hour) and chat about their dinner plans for that evening. He would lead her out onto the cliffs which would allow us to capture the most beautiful view of the coast as a backdrop and get down on one knee. We were set on a bench nearby posing as a tourist family, our 16-month old son with us to really sell it! We knew what they were wearing ahead of time as selfies were traded beforehand and we saw them coming.

Ellen was smiling and carefree. Eric was happy but because we were in on the secret, we could see some nerves. They sat on a bench for a few minutes, shared some laughs and then it was go time! Eric got up and led Ellen onto the cliff rocks. They watched some families play in the sand and then Eric went in for his hug (that our sign that the proposal is coming!!). All of a sudden, he is down on one knee and Ellen is bringing her hands to her face in a shocked response! She was so surprised and so happy and answered YES of course!!

We let the happy couple celebrate alone for a little bit and then we took them around the site for their celebratory engagement shoot! We helped plan this for them knowing it would be low tide. They got to twirl barefoot in the sand and chase each other playfully on the edge of the water. Ellen showed off her ring to the camera and Eric beamed with pride at his new fiancé!

Eric and Ellen, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your first memories as an engaged couple! We wish you both nothing but happiness and love in the future!


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